Two shows on hallowed ground

Dead Pollys played in London 6th and 7th september. The first gig was in Camden at Dublin Castle. The band made a punkrock-tour in London and were humbled over the opportunity. The second gig on the 8th was at The Gunners, a pub close to the old Arsenal arena. A pub that is packed at game nights.

Sleeping at London Bridge they had to endure the nightlife of London and a guy singing opera between his beers.

The poster outside Dublin Castle

Anders Roos, and old friend and band mate of Nizze acted as a guide together with Juba and the band made it through to Camden and “The Clash Stairs” from the first album, Denmark Street no 6 to say hello to Sex Pistols and to visit a couple of music stores and ended up in Soho for beer and coffe.

Photos by Anders Roos and Dead Pollys