Too Loud Records signs Dead Pollys

After Magnus Fredholms excellent work in recording and co-producing Strummerland the Italian label Too Loud Records signs Dead Pollys and will release the album. A date for the release is not set yet, but it will probably be released in the beginning of 2019. The deal with Too Loud Records for the album and earlier Schoelcke Bookings for tour booking is a proof that the new direction and line-up is a success.

“My arthritis forced me to search for a new guitarplayer” says Nizze and explains how it was with grief at first. He continues: “After just a few relhearsals with Mats I could see how important he was for the new line-up”.

In the near future Dead Pollys will play in Boden, far up north, at BT Bar in and at the infamous venue Kafe 44 in Stockholm. They will also join Belta 53 on their x-mas party outside Aneby. For late winter 2019 they are planning an european tour together with Shoelcke.

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