The Vibrators and Dead Pollys on tour

It is less than a week before we open our tour together with The Vibrators at Estelle in Stockholm. After that we will hit Uppsala, Gävle, Örebro, Gothenburg, Motala and Linköping. You can find all the venues at our live pages.

We are of course competing against the sun and vacations and stuff, but there is also a change for all punkmusic lovers to escape the summer for just a short while and enjoy a piece of history. The Vibrators have been going since ’76 and you never know if they will come back. Is this their last time in Sweden? Hopefully not, but you never know. According to Gefle Dagblad as they interview Eddie it is unclear if there will be more tours. So don’t miss this chance to see some icons from the time and place where it all started…

Gefle Dagblad