Video for Strummerland

Dead Pollys recorded the video for the song “Strummerland” at Clarion Hotel in Skanstull, Stockholm at the same location where they had their first release party. The backdrop is Skanstullsbron (The Bridge of Skanstull) where you can see the big spheric building Globen on the other end.  The video was recorded by Max Brandhorst-Satzkorn and Joakim Gustafsson and edited by Joakim. If you think that Max has the same family name as Martin, Dead Pollys drummer, you are correct – they are family.

As “Strummerland” is a story about finding your self through punkrock music it glances back to the days where it all started and if you look closely you will find Nizze as a young punk, played by his son Loke Richardsson (see image).  The song is also a tribute to music in general and punkrock in particular.

The video will be released together with the album “Strummerland”, released on Too Loud Records / WormHoleDeath Records in the beginning of 2019.