Dead Pollys is open for live shows anywhere!

Dead Pollys is a swedish act of vintage punk by vintage punkers. It started in 2011 in Stockholm Sweden by Nizze (formerly Sighstens Grannar & Mansic) who is the singer (maker of noise). After a few years Juba (formerly Sir Reg) jumped in on bass. During 2022 Martin (De Lyckliga Kompisarna, formerly Sighstens Grannar) started beating the drums and Clabbe (formerly Mansic) was taking over the lead guitar.

Dead Pollys toured with Down By Law in the US 2015 and The Vibrators in Sweden 2019. In 2022 they opened for 999 in London and for 2023 they made a Swedish tour together.


+46 (0)739986772


01 Stockholm (TBC)
22 Lisbon, Portugal (TBA)
23 Corroios, Portugal, Bar Cine-Teatro G.C.
Newcastle, UK, Trillians (+999)
Preston, UK, New Continental (+999)
16 Darlington, UK, Riverside Rebellion (+999 and more)

Three albums to download for reviews, articles and airplay.

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Truth of Tomorrow
Out June 23

SIngles 2023
So Sick out May 19


Bullet for the Wicked

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Dead Pollys is Nizze on vocals, Miche on drums, Juba on bass and Clabbe on guitar.