The stories of the Pollyboys
  • “Two songs and a little album”

    In July 2018 By Dead Pollys
    The new album is closing up and Dead Pollys is working in the studio to make the final touches together with Magnus Fredholm and and the same time a video is planned and shows are booked. The singles will only have one song and be released in digital channels, but the album will be available […]
  • The new album is taking form

    In July 2018 By Dead Pollys
    The new album recorded and mixed by Magnus Fredholm (se picture) at the Powerstation in Rågsved is taking form. It is always a pleasure to be a part of the process where you turn some random words and chaotic chords into something that makes you want to jump right back into the moshpit, even if […]
  • Strummerland

    In May 2018 By Dead Pollys
    The new line up of Dead Pollys is more obvious than before. It’s more old school, more melodies and not quite as fast as before. One might say that the band has landed somewhere in the middle of the earlier incarnations, in a typical Swedish way. With a lot of new songs like “Strummerland”, which […]
  • Dead Pollys 3.0 is here

    In May 2018 By Dead Pollys
    May 5th at Café Röda Näsan in Stockholm we had the first gig with the new Pollyboys Mats and Martin, booked by Ola, the first drummer of Dead Pollys. Kåre was opening the evening in a great manner with some of his own songs on an acoustic guitar. He lured the people into a relaxed […]
  • We’re open for business

    In April 2018 By Dead Pollys
    Dead Pollys have started to book shows now. The first two gigs will be in Stockholm, Sweden. First Café Röda Näsan (Red Nose) and then Brother Tuck together with our friends in SYSTEMKOLLAPS from Linköping. We are also planning a gig in London on 6th september at The Dublin Castle in Camden Town and even […]
  • This is 2018

    In February 2018 By Dead Pollys
    OK, folks. Things do happen for a reason. Anders couldn’t stay as out drummer since he don’t live nearby and things just don’t always work out as you want them to. Well, after some time chasing for the right drummer Mats got this idea to write an ad on a piece of paper – going […]
  • We’re getting there

    In July 2017 By Dead Pollys
    We’re working on to make a great set for october at Kings Table in Stockholm. Check out some cool images from the rehearsal. Photos by Jan Viderén.
  • “Punk as fuck” says Jonathan Segel

    In July 2017 By Dead Pollys
    “Niclas, or Nizze, is a big bald headed dude with a leather jacket, and could potentially be assumed to be dangerous or scary or both, if you didn’t actually talk to him, or perhaps see him with his family. And when he’s singing, he’s all energy, all that hugeness is also inside him, and he […]
  • Gig at Kings Table in Stockholm

    In July 2017 By Dead Pollys
    The first gig for Dead Pollys 3.0 is booked. It will be in Stockholm on october 21, at tthe påub/restaurant Kings Table. It is located close to the Stockholm city centre. The gig is booked by Matte from and will hopefully be followed by a number of gigs in Stockholm and the Mälardalen area.   […]
  • Bad news is good news

    In July 2017 By Dead Pollys
    This is the story of how your body can be your own enemy. Hopefully, this time, bad news is good news. When Dead Pollys made their last gig with Miche in Eskilstuna 2017, approximately after two thirds of the set my hand just stopped working. I tried to push on, but it wouldn’t do as […]